Refund Policy

We believe that when you come to Blootopia, you should find the information, answers, guidance, and help you are looking for. We understand that not everything goes according to plan and with that in mind, we’ve developed this refund policy. There are multiple scenarios where refunds may be issued and they are listed below. Whenever you're in doubt or have questions, you can always reach out to us at

Please note that all refunds will subtract the appropriate processing fees that Blootopia will incur and/or have already incurred. For reference within this document, the term, “full refund” is defined as all monies paid minus any applicable fees. 

In order for any refunds to be considered, they must be requested within 48 hours of the Skill Session being completed. Please email us at You must include all relevant information;

  1. Your username
  2. First and last name
  3. Skill Session Title
  4. Skill Session date and time
  5. Mentor Name/Username
  6. Reasoning/justification
  7. Total money paid

Furthermore, refunds will only be issued in two ways; 1) refunds to the original form of payment used, and 2) Blootopia credit.

If you are a Mentee seeking a refund:

Mentees may request a refund if they meet any of the requirements listed below.

  • If you cancel the Skill Session prior to 24 hours of it starting.
    • Please be sure to communicate with the Mentor as to why you are canceling.
  • If the Mentor cancels the Skill Session prior to it starting at its scheduled day and time.
  • If the Mentor does not show up to the scheduled Skill Session.
    • In the scenario where the Mentor shows up late, both parties will be allowed to reschedule the session for another day and time. If the Mentor is unwilling to do so, the Mentee may request a full refund. Blootopia will investigate to ensure veracity. 
  • If the Mentor changes the date and/or time of the Skill Session within 24 hours of it starting without the Mentee agreeing to the change.

Other Mentee scenarios where a refund may be issued:

  • If the Mentor has rescheduled the Skill Session more than 3 times, you may request a refund.
  • If you feel the Mentor was unable to help you in an adequate way because they were inexperienced in the topic being discussed, you may be eligible for a refund. This will be pending a Blootopia investigation.
  • If the Mentor violates Blootopia’s standards, policies, and/or handbook, Mentee may be entitled to a refund, pending a Blootopia investigation.
    • All standards, policies, and our handbook can be found in the Blootopia footer of any web page on

Other scenarios:

  • If a Mentor is proactively rescheduling a Skill Session for reasons made by a Mentee and the Mentor can prove at minimum three (3) accommodations made, Mentee will not be refunded money paid and the Skill Session will be considered canceled.

Scenarios where the Mentee will not be refunded:

  • If the Mentee does not show up to the scheduled Skill Session, Mentee is not entitled to a refund. This will remain true unless the Mentee can show communication attempts prior to the Skill Session starting.
  • If a Mentee has a consistent record of requesting refunds, it is possible that refunds will no longer be issued and/or they will be removed from the Blootopia platform.

This policy is subject to change. With any significant changes, you will be notified via email.