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General Questions
  • What is Blootopia?

    Blootopia is a marketplace for sharing knowledge in a live and personalized environment. You can connect with peers who can help you solve a problem or teach you a skill.

  • How does Blootopia work?

    Blootopia is a marketplace for sharing knowledge in a live and personalized environment. It is a 1-on-1 video call between a Mentor and Mentee in which the Mentor is teaching the Mentee a new skill, trade, or hobby. When you search on the Blootopia platform, you are searching for Mentors Skill Sessions. These are classes created by the Mentor on topics they have mastered. Each Mentee who is looking to learn that particular skill, trade, or hobby, purchases their Skill Session and initiates a transaction. The Mentor and Mentee then agree upon a day and time that they will virtually meet.

  • What is the difference between a Mentor or Mentee?

    On the Blootopia platform, a Mentor is an individual who has mastered a skill, trade, or hobby (you might think of them as a Teacher). While a Mentee is someone who wants to learn (think student). We believe that everyone can be both a Mentor and a Mentee.

  • How do I know if the Mentor really knows what they are talking about?

    Before purchasing your Skill Session, you have the opportunity to chat with the Mentor via the Blootopia chat feature. You are free to ask any questions you'd like to the Mentor before moving forward. Additionally, Blootopia has a public review and rating system that the Mentee can view. We designed our Mentor incentive system in a way that empowers the Mentor to want to achieve better reviews and ratings by providing the best learning experience to their Mentees.

  • Why isn’t there a Blootopia app?

    We are currently building out an app now to expand the Blootopia experience. We certainly would be open to any ideas you have.

  • Who are your Mentors?

    Simply put, a Mentor is a teacher. At Blootopia, we try to stay away from traditional educational monikers. We view our Mentors as anyone who has mastered a skill, trade, craft, or profession and wants to share it with the world. 

  • Want to partner with us?

    If you are looking to partner with us for any reason, reach out to us at support@blootopia.com.

  • Press related questions?

    All inquiries should be sent to us at  support@blootopia.com.

  • How do I cancel/remove my account?

    We’d be unhappy to see you go. If you must, please email us at support@blootopia.com.

  • How do I meet with my Mentor or Mentee?

    Blootopia uses its own native video streaming platform to allow both Mentor and Mentee to connect. You do not need another app or service to connect with each other; everything is completed from within the Blootopia platform. Both Mentor and Mentee will agree on a date and time to meet after the Mentee has paid for the service. On the agreed upon day and time, both Mentor and Mentee can use their Blootopia calendar to find the information to connect within the platform.

  • Can I edit my review after I submit it?

    Please email support@blootopia.com. Be sure to reference your Skill Session purchased with the associated Skill Session ID number.

Profile Settings
  • How do I update my profile?

    Click the top right profile icon and the select profile settings. 

  • Do I have to upload a picture?

    We sure want you to! Ultimately, you will be video chatting with other people so they are going to see you eventually! Also, we are building the Blootopia community to be one of transparency. Your picture does not need to be a glamor shot; just a nice one of you!

  • What Is An Intro Video?

    The intro video is an optional field that you can use as a Mentor. We created this option to allow Mentors to further sell themselves. It's another opportunity for the Mentor to showcase their talent and skill. Think of the video as a sales pitch to why a Mentee should hire you. If you need help creating this, reach out to us!

Questions About Being A Mentor
  • What are Mentor Tiers?

    We have a whole page dedicated to our Mentors which has specific information on our tier system. It can be found here. Our tiers are designed to incentivize the Mentor to teach at their best and consistently. The more a Mentor does so, the more money they will make.

  • How do I become a Mentor?

    Simple, just complete our Mentor application found here. We designed the process to be as easy as possible for you. We believe that everyone has something to teach; some skill or art that they have mastered. Share it with the world!

  • What if I do not maintain the required rating for a specific Mentor tier?

    If a Mentor does not maintain the rating for a specific tier, then their tier will fall to the highest tier in which all requirements are met. If a Mentor is consistently receiving poor ratings, the Blootopia team will reach out to determine if training or coaching would help. Our goal is for you to be successful.

Using Your Chat Inbox
Job Request Questions
  • What is this job thing you’re talking about?

    There will be times where you may have a unique problem or situation that you need help with and there is not a relevant Skill Session already created. We created the Job Request board for you to post the help you are looking for. Mentors, in turn, will create bids for you to review. You can look at their profile and chat with them before deciding who you want to hire.

  • Can I Post Anything?

    Anything that is within our parameters of what can be posted. You view our policy here.

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My Account and Security
Creating a Skill Session
  • What can I teach?

    Pretty much anything! While Blootopia leans more towards blue-collar(esque) skills, we are open to you teaching anything. Blootopia believes that education can be (and should be) found outside of higher education and websites with pre-recorded videos. Blootopia is your destination to learn from the experts on topics that interest you! 

    There are a few areas that we do not allow from Blootopia and they are listed in our Skill Session Content Policy.


  • What if a Mentee wants to take multiple Skill Sessions with me?

    Fantastic! When there is a strong connection between the Mentor and Mentee, we want to encourage and facilitate that. We would be happy to set this up for you if you need help. A mentee can simply book multiple sessions with the Mentor through the chat feature.

  • I don’t know how to create a good video, what do I do?

    We have tutorials that can help you with this. We recommend that you take a look at our tutorial page found here. Remember your video does not need to be professional quality, instead it needs to be you. People are hiring you on what you have to offer.

  • Will you help me teach?

    Blootopia has many tutorials on how to create a good skill session.  However, Blootopia is built on a personalized and unique platform for each user. You are responsible for your class. No one is looking for a professional teacher, it's the quality of your content that you are teaching that is more important.

  • What if I want to change my video for the Skill Session after I created it?

    Simply just reupload a new video. We will receive a notification on the backend and approve accordingly.

  • Can I Self-Promote My Own Skill Session?

    Absolutely. We encourage you to promote your Skill Session on your own social media pages, with friends and family, and everyone else. It is in your best interest to increase your ratings and reviews to allow you to move up and achieve higher level Mentor tiers. While we will help promote your Skill Session, anything you do above and beyond, will only help you.

  • How do I create a Skill Session?

    The Skill Session is created when you are in a chat with a Mentee. When in the chat, you will see in the bottom-right corner a button that says "Create Session". Just click that button and add in the relavant details. Once you submit it, it will automatically send the details over to the Mentee.  

Completing a Skill Session
  • How do I handle an unruly Mentee while in the Skill Session?

    There may be at times students who are not following directions or the Blootopia policies while in the Skill Session. We understand that your job as Mentor is to be the host of the Skill Session while also teaching. Our native video streaming platform will have a slew of hosting abilities that will allow you to control anyone who is in your Skill Session. These abilities include muting, removing, and turning off the camera. When this happens, we ask that you handle the situation respectfully and notify us immediately at support@blootopia.com.

  • What if I’m late to the Skill Session, what do I do?

    It is important to show up on time to your skill session. However, we understand that things come up at the last minute. If you can, please message or message your Mentor or Mentee ahead of time through the Blootopia chat to let them know. Sometimes, it may be best to simply reschedule the Skill Session. Both parties agreeing to rescheduling the Skill Session will avoid any refund conversations. However, if the Mentor does not show up or misses a rescheduled Skill Session, the refund will be issued to the Mentee.

  • What if someone has a bad internet connection and cannot connect?

    This will happen sometimes; we all know it. When this happens, we do recommend backing out of all applications and restarting everything. Sometimes, just a simple restart of everything does the trick. Left in the scenario that restarting does not work, we then recommend rescheduling the Skill Session. If you are facing further difficulties with connecting, please email us at support@blootopia.com.

  • How can I contact my Mentor before the class?

    You can use the Blootopia messaging feature. This is always the easiest way to reach anyone on the platform. For privacy reasons, we do not recommend exchanging cell phone numbers or email addresses.

  • Are my reviews private or can everyone see them?

    All reviews are periodically reviewed by Blootopia. Blootopia is built on transparency and openness, therefore yes, all reviews are public for the entire platform to see. Not only do Mentors move up in tiers based on reviews and ratings, Mentees look to reviews to ensure they are receiving what they are purchasing.

  • How do I log on to the Skill Session?

    When you purchase your Skill Session, it will be automatically added to your Blootopia calendar. You can also view all purchased Skill Sessions in your “Transactions” and “My Skill Sessions” page. In either scenario, there will be an easy button to click in your calendar that will automatically bring you to your Skill Session.

  • What if I am unhappy with the service I received?

    Blootopia wants everyone to have an incredible experience on the platform. There may be an instance where you were left unsatisfied with your experience. If you are requesting a refund, we ask that you email us at support@blootopia.com and you provide us with the Skill Session ID number you attended along with your username and email associated with Blootopia. Refunds are not guaranteed as there are many variables. We will do our best to do what is right. 

  • Do I Get My Money Back If I Need To Cancel My Scheduled Skill Session?

    In the scenario that you must cancel your Skill Session, we ask that you work with the Mentor or Mentee on rescheduling. If you are unable to find a new date, or do not want to reschedule, please email us at support@blootopia.com.

  • Can I Reschedule My Skill Session?

    Yes. We ask that you work with your Mentor or Mentee on rescheduling. We allow rescheduling to be completed 10% of the way into the Skill Session originally scheduled day and time. The Mentor of the Skill Session must initiate the rescheduling.